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Before I say anything about me and our journey, let me say this – Autism is Treatable!  It’s true.  And here is how I came to realize this.

I’m Rae Dawn.  I am the mother of a nine year old little boy who has Autism.  He was diagnosed at age 2 and we were hit with a thunderbolt.  For about a year we were flung into a year of questions, denial, doubt and being overwhelmed with therapies.

Then when our son was 3 1/2, we went to a birthday party for a friend’s daughter.  Another parent at the party saw our son toe walking and brazenly asked, “Does he have a diagnosis?”  “Yes!” Finally, I met another mother (who would soon become my friend) who had a kid on the spectrum.  We invited her and her husband over for dinner and it was then that they introduced us to the wonderful world of biomedical treatment for Autism. We started with your traditional speech, OT, and PT.

The first thing our new friends told us about was TACA.  TACA or Talk About Curing Autism is a family support group.  TACA is “families with Autism helping families with Autism.”  I went to my first TACA meeting, a Coffee Talk and suddenly I was surrounded by a group of people who were healing their kids.  Some of them were even considered “recovered” – and no long qualified for an Autism diagnosis.

We immediately started the gluten, dairy, and soy free diet and made an appointment with a Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs or MAPS doctor.  This was the beginning of his healing.  And we are still on our journey.  But I’ve come a long way…

I grew up in the 1970’s in an area of West Virginia unfortunately nicknamed “Chemical Valley.”  And that’s kind of what the world was like for most American families at that time (and still is) – a sea of chemicals.  Mine was a world of Cocoa Pebbles, Fruit Loops, and Kool-Aid.  Fried bologna sandwiches and grape soda.  And in my opinion, your house wasn’t really clean until it smelled like a head-spinning combination of Dow Scrubbing Bubbles and Lysol.

Since we started on this path with our son, we have had our eyes opened to the invisible chemicals in our food and daily lives. Now we eat clean food – organic, real food.  I cook from scratch and even make my own cleaning products, the way my grandmothers did.  This has become my obsession.  And in learning to help my son get better, I have learned a healthier way for our whole family to live.

I’m glad that our paths have crossed and am excited to go on this journey with you!

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